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Knowing yourself deeply

Knowing who you are In order to become a good ninja, it is important to always be aware of the words “You should know about yourself.”(*)   Even today, knowing your limits mentally, capacity and physically can help you perform at a high level and respond calmly to pinch points and problems. It is a very important risk management to understand your ability correctly on a daily basis and not to overlook the signs that you are “I can go a bit further” or “It’s getting dangerous.” If you stop and think about your next move flexibly or take a break when necessary, you will be able to keep moving for a long time and may be happy in this 100-year period of one’s life. […]

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Equipment that helps you (six ninja tools and their modern versions)

 Six Ninja Tools and the Modern Six Ninja Tools The ninja’s six tools were the minimum necessary tools that the ninja carried with them on their missions. Even so, they were not the same every time, and they chose the necessary items according to the mission and situation. The fact that these are not weapons such as swords or shurikens, but tools for everyday use, shows that “ninjas are not fighters. It’s also important to be flexible enough to use what you have around you, such as rocks, sand, and branches, without relying on tools. Let’s look at them one by one. ■1■ Amigasa :Braided hats: to cover the face, shade from the sun, protect from the rain, protect the head (instead of a helmet), shield (armor) in […]

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An Ideal Day in the Life of Kunoichi Kuze

If you can have a day like this, your mind and body will feel refreshed. I hope that the more you are always pressed for time, the more you can regain your “own pace” by setting aside some time and space for yourself, even if it is short, to reset and refresh your day. 05:00 Woke up. I drank some white water, opened the curtains and windows, and meditated in the morning sun. Breakfast: Smoothie with carrots, avocado, acai, banana, honey and flaxseed oil. *If there’s a sweet I really want to eat, I’ll eat it here! 06:00 Washing, cleaning, tidying, and taking care of plants. I also take care of myself. 07:00 Checking various news and social networking sites and organizing information such as […]

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To fight is to protect.

Ninja arts are for gaining time and escaping!? Japanese people tend to find beauty in the end, but the mission of the ninja was to  (1) stay alive, (2) bring back information, and (3) return home. For this purpose, escape was a higher priority than fighting and settling things in black and white. Ninjas flee in a cloud of smoke or using gunpowder to startle the opponents, and then they would take  that opportunity to run and hide. “I will neither run nor hide! “and contrary to the expression that is often used in period dramas, why do ninjas run away to such an extent? It was because they knew that there were battles that could be avoided thanks to the information they brought back, […]

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  • 2021-06-05

The Deeper Meaning of Shuriken

Shuriken is a weapon and a talisman. The image of the ninja as using shurikens is influenced by Kabuki and period dramas. Of course, there were times when they used shuriken, but in fact, the modern view is that their main use was as amulets. A few hundred years ago, iron was expensive and required a lot of skill to process. The reality is that the ninja were not rich enough to disperse them, that they were not enough weapons to inflict fatal wounds on their opponents, and that they were too heavy and noisy to carry many of them around, so they kept one or two in their pockets for protection. I’ll add a note for people those who are shocked if I change […]

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Thoughts expressed by the hand

Toin =” sword seal” is a body language to show non-combat. The two fingers of the right hand represent the sword, and the two fingers of the left hand represent the sheath. By tucking the sword into the scabbard, the pose represents “No need for unnecessary conflict. “(NINJA FOREST’s interpretation) If you are tired of fighting or feeling agitated in your daily life, why don’t you make a sword seal? If you exhale and raise the corners of your mouth a little, your mind will feel lighter and more relaxed. I hope this pose will be a small prayer for peace, and I will send it out from this site!   I do this softly.

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The same commandments today as in the past.

The Three Diseases of the Ninja / Fear, Insult, and Overthinking The ninja, who had to perform missions such as gathering information while fighting against danger and anxiety, always warned themselves not to fall into these three diseases. Don’t be scared, don’t take things lightly, don’t knock over too many stone bridges. Overthinking is something that smart people tend to fall into. And these apply not only to ninja work, but also to corona preparation, exams, work, life… everything. It’s easy to say, but excessive fear and worry can stop you from thinking and acting in a healthy way, and if you take others lightly, they can catch you off guard. When it comes down to it, don’t get caught in a circular spiral, but […]

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With the appearance of a flower and its bamboo-like qualities* Although the ninja has a strong image of fighting, he was a survivor who prioritized survival. The ninja made it a point to survive and pass on helpful information for the peace and order of the country and the region. Although he was always in danger of losing his life, he made  a goal like ”  living  like a flower and  with a mind that is as  strong and straight as the nature of bamboo.” Does this sound a little surprising?   Even if no one takes care of the flowers that bloom in the wild, when the time comes, they will bloom, delighting our eyes, emitting their fragrance, and enriching our hearts. Even so, […]