忍者の智恵から学び、 心を整える場所This is a forest where you can learn from the wisdom of the ninja
and prepare your mind and body.


かつて実在した忍者の「生き残るための智恵」を伝えますI'm going to share with you the "wisdom and know-how " of the real ninja.


本当の忍者・・・無駄な争いをしない、コミュニケーションの達人Ninja in this Forest
―Not in a black costume, no futile fights, consistant life.


忍者は情報社会の先駆者!Ninja are the pioneers of the information society.

Three Characteristics of the Ninja Way of Life

Live Sturdily

In order to accomplish the mission of "obtaining information and returning alive," ninja utilized their strong hearts and their skills to survive even in a harsh environment. Ninjutsu is defined as the art of survival.

Live Wisely

"Valuable information" was necessary for the survival of both themselves and others. By using their interpersonal skills to obtain such information and their skillful control of people's psychology, they supported history from behind the scenes with their wisdom rather than their military power, and avoided "useless conflicts and futile battles.

Live Gently

They do their best to complete their mission, but they are not attached to winning or losing, they stay calm, and they are as gentle as a flower and as pliable as bamboo hide the sense of existence. Their way of living in harmony with nature was their true form.

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    くノ一空世(くぜ)が主に担当。 海外3カ国で12年間生活した自分が「日本人ってナニ!?」を模索する過程で知り合った忍術道場の師範から「忍者」についての話を生まれて初めて詳しく聞き、その奥深さと平和への思い、そして哲学性に衝撃を受ける。「日本人の、ポテンシャルは高いのに不器用な生き方」を理解するヒントはそこにあると感じ、その場で入門して修行を開始。 サバイバルの達人・忍者の「力で勝つ方法ではなく、しぶとく賢く面白く生き残るための方法」で、日本中そして世界中の大人を元気にするべく忍者として活動中! Mainly handled by Kunoichi Kuze. When I first heard about "ninja" in detail from the master of a ninjutsu dojo, whom I met in the process of searching for "what I can do as a Japanese" after living in three foreign countries for 12 years, I was shocked by its depth, thoughts on peace, and philosophical nature.I felt that there was a clue to unraveling the "clumsy way of life of the Japanese," so I entered the dojo and began his training on the spot. I am currently working as a ninja to energize adults in Japan and around the world with "not a method to win by force, but a method to survive in a persistent, smart, and interesting way"!