What this site conveys is the “aesthetics of the ninja. ”


The ninja is mysterious and attracts people from all over the world. We were fascinated by it, and as we gathered more information, we realized:

There is something that penetrates all of the ninja’s “way of being” that is the source of their power of action and mentality to carry out their missions even in a harsh environment.

NINJA FOREST passes this down to the present day as the “aesthetics of the ninja.” We will transform the incredible wisdom and culture we learn from the ninja into the power to survive in the present and pass it on to the future.

Recent research has revealed the history and behavioral patterns of the ninja, who used to be in the shadows, and the historical background that gave birth to the ninja. Still, we are challenging ourselves to illuminate their minds and the aesthetics behind them. We hope that by doing this, the spirit of the ninja who was once active in Japan will continue to live on this earth without ceasing.


Understanding the historical ninja, the created ninja, and the modern ninja, we respect all of them and share with you here “how to live a sturdy, gentle, and interesting life even in turbulent times,” which we have developed with admiration and excitement.  The forest sends cheers from the ninja to all people living in the modern world. That is NINJA FOREST.

May our challenge be a light in your heart that shines even brighter in these unstable times.



NINJART Representative: Kuze:

During my childhood in Hiroshima, I was a tomboy with constant scratch as I enjoyed climbing trees and playing in the river in the natural environment.

After working for an airline company, I lived in Canada, China, and Brazil for about 12 years.  I experienced childbirth and child-raising, served on school boards, and did volunteer work before returning to Japan. When coming back to Japan, after a long time, I felt a great sense of crisis at the sense of stagnation that fills the country and the “dead eyes of adults. I strongly felt that adults should be energized before entrusting the future to children, and I started to take the initiative to become such an adult myself.

I have obtained certifications as a health care manager, life coach,  and inbound customer service coach, and have attended an NLP communication seminars, etc., to create and explore “what I can do now. In the process, I met the master of a Ninjutsu Dojo.  When I first heard about “Ninja” in detail, I was highly impressed by its profundity, desire for peace, and philosophical nature. I felt a hint to unravel the “clumsy way of life of Japanese people” that I could notice as I had lived abroad, then I entered the Dojo, and started training to become a ninja.

After the constant endeavor, I managed to win the championship in a Ninja skill competition held in Odawara-city and win second place in the National Shuriken Tournament held in Iga, the home of Ninja. I also extended my Ninja training activity to the arena of kids’ education by holding Ninja Experience Class at a famous leisure facility located in the center of Tokyo. Now, I am working as a ninja to energize adults all over Japan and the world, employing “not a method to win by force, but a method to survive in a persistent, smart, and interesting way”!