Knowing yourself deeply

Knowing who you are

In order to become a good ninja, it is important to always be aware of the words “You should know about yourself.”(*)


Even today, knowing your limits mentally, capacity and physically can help you perform at a high level and respond calmly to pinch points and problems.
It is a very important risk management to understand your ability correctly on a daily basis and not to overlook the signs that you are “I can go a bit further” or “It’s getting dangerous.”

If you stop and think about your next move flexibly or take a break when necessary, you will be able to keep moving for a long time and may be happy in this 100-year period of one’s life.


And in order to deeply know your inner self, which is the most difficult thing to know, you need to develop the habit of quietly looking down at your own heart, not at your assumptions or other people’s words, without being bothered. Ask yourself questions and get answers. You may refer to other people’s opinions, but in the end you choose your own answers. Then, without judging rightly or wrongly, or denying it, just accept it quietly, breathing slowly. Although it is a simple thing, it may take some time to get used to, but it is very important to know yourself deeply in order to make the most of yourself in society, and to survive and coexist with others.

The person you will be with for the rest of your life is you, no one else.


*Citation Information: 「Bansenshukai」