Equipment that helps you (six ninja tools and their modern versions)


 Six Ninja Tools and the Modern Six Ninja Tools


The ninja’s six tools were the minimum necessary tools that the ninja carried with them on their missions. Even so, they were not the same every time, and they chose the necessary items according to the mission and situation.

The fact that these are not weapons such as swords or shurikens, but tools for everyday use, shows that “ninjas are not fighters. It’s also important to be flexible enough to use what you have around you, such as rocks, sand, and branches, without relying on tools. Let’s look at them one by one.

■1■ Amigasa :Braided hats: to cover the face, shade from the sun, protect from the rain, protect the head (instead of a helmet), shield (armor) in case of a sudden attack, weave a piece of paper with information written on it into the hats, etc.


■2■ Innrou :Medicine case: contained antidotes, stomachic, wound medicines, poisons, etc.

■3■ Uchitake :Spark, the original portable warmer


■4■ Yatate / Sekihitsu :A portable pencil case (containing animal hair soaked in ink, brushes, needles, etc.)

■5■ Kaginawa :It was originally a tool for picking up things that had fallen into a well. It can be used to climb up to high places by hooking the lock, to use as a weapon, to use as a rope, etc.


■6■ Sanjaku Tenugui :Towels, bandages, twisted ropes for climbing up to high places, ropes for tying up opponents, wetting or wrapping stones to use as weapons for striking opponents, protecting the head, covering the face, dyed with a plant called Suho which has disinfectant properties and can be used as filters for drinking water, waist bands, hachimaki, sashiki etc.


I tried to replace these things with the modern world, but I felt that the lifestyle was too different and impossible (especially the striking bamboo and hooked rope). Still, if it’s set up as an emergency kit, I guess that’s what an adult girl would do…

Reversible, hooded jacket

Daranisuke(stomach medicine)and Horse oil (skin protection, wound care)

Make-up tools (necessary for disguise)

Cell phone (with battery)

Folding umbrella (for both rain and shine. Can be used as a face shield or weapon)

wrapping cloth(Bags, warm clothes, scarves and belts, partition cloths (blindfolds) for changing clothes or napping, rugs, and as a substitute for string)

➡As an extra, an ID card is also a strong candidate. In this day and age, it may actually be a must-have in order to move around freely. I would also like to have chocolate as a portable food and tranquilizer, and aromas to calm my mind… Oh, six is not enough!

Why don’t you take this opportunity to have fun thinking about “Your helpful tools” for various situations?