The Art of Interchanging Fiction and Reality

No hesitation, be confident.

The fiction-reality conversion technique is a tactic that skillfully interchanges fiction and reality (bluffing and honesty) to gain an advantage in a confrontation or diplomatic situation. It’s a strategy that takes advantage of an individual’s psychology, such as making something appear to be there when it is not or acting confidently even when feeling unsure.

There are two sides to every coin. No matter how perfect, excellent, or strong an opponent may appear to be, there is always a weakness hiding under the surface. With careful observation, you will be able to spot and exploit a rival’s emotional weak points to gain control of the situation. Ninjas used this technique of shifting fiction and reality, such as acting confident even if they were not, or conversely, pretending to be a fool in order to extract information from people.

This tactic was used in battles in the past, but now it can be put to great use when communicating with others – and even within yourself.

For example, when you are nervous during an important negotiation, presentation, or a match, you can use this technique to cope with the situation by (1) speaking loudly, (2) stretching your chest, (3) making large, relaxed movements, (4) keeping your gaze fixed on the audience, and (5) breathing deeply. Even if you think you are incapable of doing something, by using the above methods and acting with confidence, you may be surprised to find that you are able to do it or that you appear capable in the eyes of others. Individuals who are self-aware can leverage their own weaknesses and insecurities by using them to garner sympathy or appear more charming. In this way, the weaknesses and insecurities become strengths.

The fiction-reality conversion technique isn’t just for use on other people. The mind and body are connected. Through this mind-body link, the mind can be stabilized by making good use of body movements, such as when feeling anxious. Just as it has been proven that laughing boosts the immune system, we can easily fool our brains by performing certain actions.

Speaking of tricking your own brain, perhaps wearing goggles and viewing virtual images to create the illusion that you are in that world is a recent example of classic fiction-reality conversion.

Which fiction-reality conversion techniques would you like to try?